Arc now supports annual billing!

When you upgrade to our annual plan you get a reduced rate and access to all our features for the full year. This plan will auto-renew yearly so you can keep getting your Google Analytics data delivered to Slack.

You can add as many projects or websites as you'd like on the annual plan. For each additional project you will be charged based on how much time is left on your current billing cycle. If you upgraded to the annual plan on January 1, 2023 and added 2 projects on July 1, 2023 you would be sent an invoice and only charged half the annual rate for each project you add!

When you remove projects you will continue to have access to that project slot until the end of your billing cycle. So if you added 5 projects on January 1, 2023 and removed 1 project on July 1, 2023 you will continue to have access to all 5 projects until December 31, 2023. On Jan 1, 2024 you will only be charged for 4 projects moving forward!

Please note, coupon codes that provide one free month will not work with an annual subscription.

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