How to add segments to a report

Step-by-step guide to adding Google Analytics segments to a report

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Having data helps you decide what your business should do next. But sometimes, you don't need to look at ALL the data at once, you just want to look at the part that's important to you. Segments are filters inside Google Analytics which focus your data. Now, Arc Analytics supports all your Google Analytics segments so you can control which data is sent to Slack!

1. Select "Projects" in the top menu

2. Select "Add a report" to the right of your project name


2. Click the pencil icon to edit an existing report

3. In the report view, click "+Show Filter" to see all your Google Analytics segment options

4. Choose the segment you'd like to apply

Selecting "All Users" means no segment. Choosing anything else will apply a segment to your data.

Custom segments are unique to each Google Analytics account. Learn how to share your custom segments.

5. Celebrate! πŸŽ‰

Your Arc Analytics reports will now send filtered date to Slack and tell you that you are seeing segmented data!

Adding Google Analytics segments is a Premium Arc Analytics feature.

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