How to send graphs to Slack

Step-by-step guide to visualizing your Google Analytics data using graphs

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Sometimes reading a page full of numbers won't give the right impact to your Google Analytics data. A graph can do a much better job showing large changes like a 5x increase in conversion or a 75% boost to traffic.

Here are the steps to start sending Google Analytics graphs to Slack so you can visualize data for your team:

1. Select "Projects" in the top menu

2. Select "Add a report" or click the pencil icon to edit an existing report

3. Next select your report from the "Shown as" dropdown

Graphs are available for all Reports and Overviews. Overviews will show a graph when you select a button while reports will show a graph immediately.

4. Once you select your report type, ensure "Show Graph" is turned on

5. Celebrate! 🎉

You've now turned on graphs for your team. You can quickly see how you're performing in Slack!

Graphs are a Premium Arc Analytics feature.

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